Emmaus Downs Moody By One

In a game that looked like a sure lose,  the Emmaus Eagles pulled out another exciting victory Saturday afternoon against old time rival Moody Bible Institute 66-65.  

As the first half was coming to a close, Moody couldn't seem to miss and Emmaus was struggling to put the ball in the basket.  Nathaniel Glidewell scored 10 points on 4 of 8 shooting but the rest of the team managed just ten other points altogether to make the score 39-20 at the break.

Nonetheless, the Eagles rallied in the second half behind Coach Caleb Ruter.  With a press that enabled the Eagles to gain some momentum, the Moody lead began to shrink.  Steven Horan began to find the mark in the second half hitting shot after shot and scoring 23 points in the second half alone.  With the game coming to a close, Horan fired a long shot to win the game.  Although the shot missed, Angelo Lott was there to rebound the ball and put up the winning points.  When the dust had settled, the Eagles had won the game by one point and had given its fans another heart attack.

Horan finished with 31 big time points and Glidewell added 19 as the Eagles improved to 8-18 on the year.  Next up for the Eagles is a trip to St. Louis as they battle St. Louis Christian and CCCB.  Go Eagles.